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Chattanooga Bocce, Bocce in Chattanooga, Chattanooga Recreation, Tennessee Bocce, Chattanooga Games, and any other phrase I can think of to get on to search engines!  Whatever else, this is just the beginning of what will be a well developed web site for the Chattanooga Bocce Club and a resource for all those interested in bocce in the Chattanooga area. We will be loading this site with access to pictures. One of our friends/members may soon launch a Chattanooga Bocce Blog.  From your current and very amateur web site master Frank Knight, Welcome!!! 


  The Near Future

Sometime in 2012 or 2013, we will complete a beautiful four court indoor bocce club.  Bocce in Chattanooga will never be the same!!!!!!!!!!!  Click on Where We Play on the menu bar above for more information.


 You (as in: It's All About)

Where and when you can learn to play bocce:

1. We play bocce regularly at times and places that you will see on our Events Calendar along the right side of this page. Click on the item underlined for more details.

2.  Peruse our members list.  Do you know anyone?  Even if you don't, all of our members would welcome calls about bocce, and would probably be happy to meet you for some introductory teaching at a bocce court near you.

3. Venues at which we play bocce are described in the Where We Play item on the menu bar above (click on it).


Calvanese Tournament                                                                                                                                                 We manage the annual Calvanese Singles Tournament, Chattanooga's "bragging-rights" bocce tournament for the year. This is open to any resident of the Chattanooga area (50 mile radius from the Tennessee Aquarium on Google Maps), whether a member of the Club or not, and has a prize of $500. The entry fee is $15. It is held every October and the 2011 date was October 8th. It was the 8th annual Calvanese Tournament, which is Chattanooga's oldest continuously operated bocce tournament. When the Tournament approaches, details will be put on our Calendar. Read our Archives above for results of the tournaments. Please e-mail me at with inquires. Feel free to call my home phone/Bocce Club phone #: 886-4179. You don't have to be experienced at bocce to enjoy it. We are anxious to introduce folks to this great game. You can still catch the front end of the growing bocce tsunami in Chattanooga.


More About The Club

The purpose of the Club is to encourage the development and playing of bocce in the Chattanooga area.

We have been involved in service oportunities such as teaching and assisting in the play of bocce at one or more divisions of the Parks and Recreation Department and at the Discovery Museum. The bocce court at Heritage Park was a project of the Parks &Recreation Department, and if they judge it useful or desirable, other courts might be built in other popular City parks.

Most of our members are anxious to talk bocce. See if you know any of our members, by clicking on Members on the menu bar above, and then click on the persons name for more information. We are available to facilitate bocce parties or to teach bocce, it's just a matter of contacting one of us and making arrangements. In fact we have a 50 x 7 1/2' portable bocce court that we can take to area events to demo. and teach bocce.  Join us for one of the opportunities to play bocce as discussed above and as listed in Events to the right. The events for the entire year will be visible if you click on any of those listed to the right.


Benefits of Club membership: Learn bocce, or more bocce, from us. Receive e-mail information and reminders about bocce activity in the Chattanooga area.  Closer networking and socializing with other members.  Qualify for closed tournaments such as our monthly doubles tournaments and special events such as our limo road trip to the Annual Memphis Bocce Tournament and our annual membership meeting.  Stake your claim to a voice in the growth and direction of bocce in our area as we become a hotbed of bocce activity in the mid-South.


To join the Chattanooga Bocce Club: Send $10 (by check if at all possible, made out to Chattanooga Boccer Club) to:  David Jones, Treasurer CBC, 927 Givens Road, Chattanooga, TN 37421. Please include name, address, contact phone number, and e-address. Please add a comment if you wish your address and/or phone number left off of our members page on our website. Reiterating, dues are only $10/year.


Events Calendar/Highlights

Check our Events in the box to the right. Click on the underlined event of interest for details.

Note the Highlights/PressRelease zone at the bottom of this page. Click on the underlined entry to read the details.


Our Menu Bar

In the Menu Bar above:

Clicking on Home brings you back to this "Welcome" page.

Clicking on About will be all about the CBC. It's under construction. Progress has been made on the bylaws submenu.

Clicking on Equip. & Lingo finds comments and information on equipment

necessary to play bocce and on bocce vocabulary, being developed.

Clicking on Event Archives will find you a chronochological list of our past

events and tournaments, being developed.

Clicking on Forum Please ignore this item. A virtual blog will be set

up separately soon.

Clicking Members reaches the CBC membership directory.

Click on "All Members" to sort them alphabetically. Click on the

underlined name of the member for details on that member.

Clicking on Rules is under construction.

Clicking on Where We Play will give you the names, addresses, and

details of the courts in the area on which we play regularly.

Clicking on Court Construction will help with advice on this subject.


Dr. Kate Hays' Five Benefits of Competative Sports:

1.  As you strive to be your best, you keep getting better.

2.  Your sense of engagement and excitement motivate you to play or work out regularly.

3.  Sport is a wonderful way for you to connect with other people who share your interest.

4.  You focus on goals, whether improving your score or proparing for the upcoming season.

5.  You get a psychological boost from identifying with people who are at the top of the sport (as if that's us bocce players here in Chattanooga).   When you see a star athlete, you think, "Yeah, I'm doing that too".


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